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The 3 Things You Need So you Can Know How to Build Muscle

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This article discusses the three ingredients you need, so you know how to build muscle.  It takes a good diet suited for your needs, a solid workout plan and progression in both.  We have a choice when we decide to change our lives and get in shape and it’s the choice of the “P” words.  It is either PROGRESSION or PLATEAU because no matter what one of these will happen, but the choice is yours.

So how do you build muscle?


If only there was a magic pill or supplement that would just build muscle for you it would be easy.  While there are supplements out there that claim to do this, there is nothing that does (at least not legally).  While supplements have their place, there is nothing that beats solid nutrition.

You cannot build muscle mass without having a calorie surplus, you have to have extra gas in your tank to get big.  This however is not a hall pass to eat whatever you want; if it was that easy you could just hit the Taco Bell Drive thru and be done.  You have to identify your caloric target and you macronutrient range based on your body type.  Without properly identifying what your needs are you will never maximize the time spent lifting.  Curious what your needs are?  Head over to our resource page to find out.


Where to begin with this one?  Well first off you don’t need to spend 3 hours a day working out to build muscle mass.  In fact you could spend only about 45-60 minutes 4 days a week.  That’s only 2% of your overall week, but what you do in that time is what matters.

The workout should consist of big compound movements; these are exercises that utilize multiple muscles at once.  They include bench press, squat, deadlift, and overhead press just to name a few.  These exercises will make you strong and muscular but the key is in the load and in the reps.

Studies have shown that to build muscle and achieve hypertrophy the weight used should be 65-85% of a person’s 1 Rep max and if you are unfamiliar with the term “1 rep max” get a copy of our free eBook by clicking the button at the end of this blog.

The next thing is the reps performed.  Usually to just get strong you would perform sets of 6 reps or less usually at a working load of 85%+ of your 1 rep max. To focus more on hypertrophy and a muscular build you would be in the 6-12 range.  So a good target to get strong and bulk up would be the 6-10 range with working loads between the 60-75% range.


Here is where many of us come up short in both our diets and our workouts.  Many people have started a workout plan and in the beginning it is easy to stay motivated as results can be seen quickly.  However, as time progresses, results tend to slow.  This is where many people lose interest and stop.  Results slow for a few reasons.  One, your body starts to adapt which is normal and you don’t make the gains you did when you first started. This is why it’s good to mix up workouts every 3-6 months.  The second reason and one we have more control over is progression.  Many of us fail to write down what we lift each time and then try and improve on it the next workout.  Without constantly challenging our bodies we start to plateau as our bodies begin to adapt.

We must keep progressing in our workouts with what we do and how much we lift, focusing on adding more volume to each and every workout.  The same goes for our diets. We need to evaluate where we are at every 3-6 months and adjust accordingly.  Click below to get a copy of our eBook and workout plan…

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