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Is this food safe for my family to eat?

Yes it is completely safe, just adjust you portions accordingly for your family. The meals we provide are well balanced meals that are healthy for all.

Can I change my calorie range after I sign up?

Yes you can change your meal plan at any time. All updates will be reflected in the next meal plan that goes out.

Do the meals repeat?

We are constantly working to keep our database full of meals to keep you eating new meals each and every week. Some of the snacks, post workout meals, and bedtime meals will repeat as those are very effective recipes.

What is macro nutrition?

Macro nutrition is the balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein that consist in your diet. We use these percentages and spread out the calories of the meals accordingly.

How to I choose the right macronutrition level?

In our resources page select your body type by shape shown and find the recommended macro nutrition level that will work for you best.

Can I share my weekly meal plans with my friends?

Unfortunately, no. This material is copyrighted and is intended for only one household per membership.

Are the meal plans just for men?

Absolutely not. These meals plans contain healthy meals for anybody looking to pack on muscle mass.

What equipment will I need to prepare the meals?

Other than basic cooking equipment (stove, oven, pots, & pans) you will need a food scale and a blender.