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You Need To Know More Than What To Eat To Gain Weight

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For years I wasted time doing worthless exercises, switching it up all the time, you know “muscle confusion”.  I doubled down by eating terribly and taking useless supplements.  I did this for years, spent tons of money on weird workout equipment and flashy supplements and got nothing in return.

So unless you like wasting time and money, keep reading!

It’s Not Complicated It’s Compounds

If you truly want to get strong, STOP and I mean STOP doing isolation exercises.  Stay off the Hammer machines and head over to the power cage to start with the KING!

                                                           the king

No not this King, I am talking about the King of exercises, the DEADLIFT!

Yeah sure it’s hard; it’s grueling and can even be a little intimidating.  However, no other exercise hits so many muscles at once. If you could only do one exercise this would be it!

I particularly like the deadlift because it works all the muscles that control you posture, and with a lot of us sitting the majority of the day at our jobs, we can all benefit from some strength in that area.

The runner up would be the squat.  This is another tough one, but one that works the largest muscle in the body, the gluteus maximus.  Before you start making excuses on how bad your knees are, just give it shot.

The important thing to remember is to focus on form and start with light weight.  Once you have the form down, start packing on the plates.

Tip:  Have someone video tape you and review your lifts. This will help you focus on problem areas when it comes to form.

For the upper body and arms, the below three exercises are what you need:

Bench Press



These compound exercises will truly build the muscle you are after.

What to eat to gain weight?

Well if it was just weight you were after the answer would be whatever you want.   However, most of us want that massive muscular frame that commands respect.  In order to do that, you must follow a good workout routine with the exercises we just talked about.  Along with that, you have to have a calorie surplus while ensuring your macros are inline.  Proteins are the building blocks for your body, but without carbs and fats protein is not enough!  For more on this click here!


$upplement$ – what you really need!

Stop! Wasting money on useless over hyped supplements that promise freak like results that one would only get with steroids. Most of them are junk and use fancy scientific names for common ingredients, in order to make them look good.

However not all are bad, here are three supplements worth the money:

Protein – A good whey protein is worth the money and will help you reach your daily macronutrient goals. Click here to find out more on macronutrients.

Vitamin D – This is a major player in muscle / bone support and growth.  Most people these days are usually deficient, due to our bad diets and fear of the sun…

Multivitamin – A good well rounded multivitamin is always good to take, however stay away from ones with weird ingredients or special “propriety blends”

There are some other supplements worth trying but the above three are few to start with….

The bottom line is you cannot supplement yourself past a bad diet. If you truly want to see results, you have to have your diet on point!  We can show you how easy this can be.  If you want to learn more, check out our quick explainer video for more info!

So are you ready to start transforming your body????

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