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Top 6 Foods for Proper Muscle Nutrition, the Last One I Bet You Never Heard Of

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Muscle Nutrition, is the number one thing you can do to help your bodybuilding and weightlifting.  There is a lot of hype these days in regards to groundbreaking “almost” illegal supplements, and advanced training techniques.  But the fact of the matter is, Muscle Nutrition is more important than any magic pill or fad routine.

Fueling your muscles with the right amounts of food, and the right types of food, will make or break your ability to get serious muscle gains.  There are tons of foods out there that will deliver results, but this article will discuss 6 of the most impactful ones.

  1. Almonds – There are good fats (i.e. Almonds) and there are bad fats (i.e. Rosie O’Donnell) in this world.  Fat is a crucial part of muscle nutrition, but it is important that the right kinds of fats are picked for your diet.  Almonds are high in monounsaturated fat and are considered “king of the nuts”.
  2. Cottage Cheese – Except for on your legs, cottage cheese is extremely beneficial to fuel your muscles. Especially at night, before bed.  Cottage cheese contains casein protein, which is a slow to break down protein.  This helps keep your muscles fueled all night while you sleep.
  3. Raspberries – Raspberries carry massive levels of antioxidants, which will help your body fight heart disease and cancer.  One cup will pack 6 grams of fiber and more than half of your daily requirement for vitamin C.  For a well-rounded diet, raspberries and other berries are a must have, not a nice to have.
  4. Spinach – It is no coincidence that Popeye use to pop this like Charlie Sheen does painkillers.  Spinach is a high source of lutein and zeaxanthin, which can help your vision and compliment a well-rounded nutrition plan.  One serving supplies nearly a full day’s worth of vitamin A and half of your vitamin C.
  5. Tuna – Not all can stomach Tuna, some would say it’s worse than naked old people.  But if you can look past the wrinkles and saggy private parts, Tuna has some extreme benefits.  Tuna falls into the “good protein” section of muscle nutrition, mostly because it is low in fat, high in protein, and easy.  Just open the can and eat (the tuna not the can)!
  6. Quinoa – Quinoa is an ancient grain that is not very well publicized.  Since it contains all nine essential amino acids, it is fabulous for muscle building.  It can be hard to find (like Malaysa Airlines Flight 370) but if you keep your eyes open near the rice section, you should be able to find it.

There are hundreds if not thousands of foods that are crucial for bodybuilding and weightlifting, but these 6 are some of the very best when it comes to muscle nutrition.

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What foods do you use to fuel your muscles?

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