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Top 100 Muscle Foods You Should Eat to Build Mass

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Muscle Foods

A List of muscle foods that every weightlifter and bodybuilder should eat, in order to gain muscle mass and definition.

Before you dive into this blog post, I encourage you to click here to download the free infographic  which contains all 100 muscle foods.  This quick reference cheat sheet should be stored on your computer, posted on your refrigerator, put alongside your desk, or duck taped to your dog’s tail.  Basically anywhere you might be when you create your grocery list.  

I’ve read a lot of books and blogs over the years regarding muscle foods.  Some were pretty good, and others made me wish I would be struck by lightning on a sunny day.  One thing for sure is that none of them provided a comprehensive list of all the foods you should be eating to gain mass, and accelerate muscle definition.   Most of the junk on the web was single focused, just about protein, or just about carbohydrates. 

None of them contained ALL the foods one should eat, to get an all-inclusive list, all in one place.   That is until now.  With this free infographic, you now have 1 single resource to use as a cheat sheet.  To store and quickly use whenever you are deciding what you should eat.  It is this list of foods that we use here at BulkingDiets.Com to create each and every one of our weekly meal plans with.

Let’s dive in.  Below are the very best Muscle Foods you should incorporate into your diet regardless if you are trying pack on mass or lose weight.  Each of these has their own way of helping you, so it’s important that you diversify by mixing and matching these foods every day, of every week.

The list is in no particular order, as each food has its own unique reason for being on the list.  What’s more important than ranking, is how many of these foods you can work into your diet.  If you would like to deep dive in on why some of these proteins are on the list, see also our blog post Top 8 Favorite Sources for a High Protein Diet or Top 6 Foods for Proper Muscle Nutrition.


  1. Anchovies
  2. Beef Jerky
  3. Beef Tenderloin
  4. Buffalo
  5. Canadian Bacon
  6. Chicken Breast
  7. Chorizo
  8. Corned Beef
  9. Cottage Cheese
  10. Crab
  11. Edamame
  12. Egg Whites
  13. Elk
  14. Eye Of Round Roast
  15. Flank Steak
  16. Flounder
  17. Greek Yogurt
  18. Green Peas
  19. Halibut
  20. Lean Ground Beef
  21. Lentils
  22. Milk
  23. Navy Beans
  24. Octopus
  25. Pepperoni
  26. Pork Chop
  27. Pork Loin
  28. Red Snapper
  29. Roast Beef
  30. Salmon
  31. Sardines
  32. Scallops
  33. Shrimp
  34. Soy Milk
  35. Swiss Cheese
  36. Tilapia
  37. Tofu
  38. Tuna in Water
  39. Turkey Breast
  40. Venison
  41. Whey Protein Powder


  1. Apples
  2. Apricots
  3. Asparagus
  4. Barley
  5. Beets
  6. Black Beans
  7. Black-eyed Peas
  8. Blueberries
  9. Broccoli
  10. Brown Rice
  11. Cabbage
  12. Cantaloupe
  13. Carrots
  14. Cauliflower
  15. Chickpeas
  16. Corn
  17. Cream of Wheat
  18. Grapefruit
  19. Grapes
  20. Green Beans
  21. Kale
  22. Kidney Beans
  23. Kiwi Fruit
  24. Lentils
  25. Mango
  26. Mushrooms
  27. Oatmeal
  28. Oranges
  29. Peaches
  30. Peppers
  31. Pineapple
  32. Pinto Beans
  33. Quinoa
  34. Raspberries
  35. Romaine Lettuce
  36. Spinach
  37. Split Peas
  38. Strawberries
  39. Sweet Potatoes
  40. Tangerines
  41. Tomatoes
  42. Watermelon
  43. Wheat Germ
  44. Whole Wheat Bread
  45. Whole Wheat Pasta
  46. Yams


  1. Almond Butter
  2. Almonds
  3. Avocados
  4. Cashews
  5. Fish Oil
  6. Flax Oil
  7. Flax seeds
  8. Olive Oil
  9. Peanut Butter, Natural
  10. Pecans
  11. Pumpkin Seeds
  12. Sesame Seeds
  13. Walnuts

Any lifter who’s serious about their results can take their muscle gains to the next level by eating the muscle foods outlined on this free infographic .  Will it guarantee success?  Oddly enough, yes it will.  These foods will keep your muscles fueled, and will ensure you are healthy, not just muscular (yes, there is a difference). Since new foods don’t really get invented, this list is evergreen.  You will get old and die, the list however is here to stay.  Great for the list, not so great for you.

Click here to download the free infographic

Now it’s your turn.  What foods did we miss from the list?  I’d love to hear your input.

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